Meet the Founders

a mother and daughter hugging on the daughters wedding day. they are smiling and very happy!

At Sahara Co. we are a mother-daughter duo with a passion for providing high quality linens for your home at an affordable price while minimizing the negative effects the textile industry inherently poses to the planet. We are a Canandaigua, NY based brand that believes in putting local first. Our production is here. Our family is here. We live here. 

Growing up, I could usually find my mom behind a sewing machine and 29 years later, it's still a place where I can find her. She made clothes for all of her children (and let's be honest-- she made clothes for anyone who sought out her services.) Each stitch delicately sewn with love. Every ripped pair of jeans (I swear it's not a phase, mom) patched with care. We believe in taking things slowly, day by day.

Our process is thoughtfully and methodically planned out to bring your home unique handmade items where no two are exactly alike. I hope you will join my mother and I on an endeavor to create a beautiful homes to host, entertain and create fond memories in.